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.: welcome to our site

Welcome to the  Hocking's at Canberra web site. This web site is hosted on a server located in our home in northern Canberra, ACT, Australia.

This means that it's upload speed is constrained by the speed of our internet connection & may further be affected by internet traffic  from other computers sharing our connection. So please be patient!


.: what it's for

The main purpose of this web site is to allow us to display & share photos taken at family events & on holidays & other trips.

Naturally, all the photos on this website are copyright to me, Peter Hocking, unless otherwise noted.

If you'd like a copy of one or some of these photos or wish to use them somewhere else, please click here to send me an email asking for permission.

.: to check out the photos

The photos are sorted by year, so click on the button for the relevant year, then click on the links for the set of photos.

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-- there must be no hint of colour anywhere along the grey spectrum
If you don't see 20 different tones, you may need to lower the contrast.
If black is not pure black, you need to either darken the monitor or adjust the black point.
If white is not pure white, you need to either lighten the monitor or adjust the white point.
If both black and white are not pure, try to boost the overall contrast or adjust both, the black and white points.
If there is a colour cast, try and adjust the colour balance. Some software allows you to do this separately for both ends of the
grey spectrum

.: thank you!

All images on this web site are copyright to me, Peter Hocking, unless otherwise noted. If you'd like a copy or want permission to use any of these images, please contact me by clicking here to send me an email.

.: news

August 2013. Renee went to Europe in late July this year, She me with a friend who had spent 6 months as an exchange student at a University in the UK. They spent 3 weeks touring around Italy, Greece, Spain & France. You can see the  photos here. As soon as I can organise Renee, we'll update the album of her photos with some details.

27th September, 2013. Betty & I managed to go back to Floriade. Here are the photos.

December 25, 2013. We had Christmas with my parents in Moss Vale this year, you can see the pictures here.

On the 3rd of May, 2014, Stan & Joy, friends of ours from church got married. You can see the photos here.

May 19th, 2014. Betty & I flew up to Brisbane to spend four days in Noosa & 2 nights with some long time friends in Brisbane. We had a great holiday, the only problem was that it was too short. Our pictures are here.

September 15th 2014. Renee & I went up to Grafton for a friend of Renee's 21st. On the way home we caught with our new grand niece & Renee's 2nd cousin, Charlotte Baxter. Here are the pictures.

19 September 2014. We had the very great pleasure of attending & participating as the official celebrant in the wedding of our niece Eleanor to Russell Dady. The photos are here!

5th November 2014. While I was in Wagga today, I went to the Botanical Gardens & took some pictures to try out my macro lens & GPS unit. The pictures are here.

Christmas  2014 has been & gone. This year we spent Christmas in Orange with Betty's side of the family . Here are the pictures. Wishing everyone a wonderful blessed 2015!

Our kids gave Betty a ticket to a cricket match at the SCG. So off we went, (even me), to the cricket. You can see the photos here.

Our youngest child Renee has turned 21. Here are some photos of the party held at her grandparents place in Moss Vale.

1st April, 2015. Today our 3rd child Renee graduated from University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology. See the photos here.

Betty & I went away to Wagga & Orange over Easter & the week following, you can see the photos here.

October 2015, Renee, Betty & I went away on holidays to Perth for 8 days, then went to Nelson Bay for 6 days with my Dad. You can see the photos here!

25 December 2015.  We had a quiet Christmas at home this year, here are the pictures.

31 December 2015. Betty & I spent New Years Eve with my sister & brother-in-law. Here are the photos!

14th June, 2017. I've finally put up the photos Betty & I took when we visited the USA in August of 2016. Click here to see the photos.


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