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The Hockings at Canberra

The photos are arranged by year, so please click on the link to each year to go to it's photos.

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The Hills of Canberra

To best view the photos make sure that  your screen is calibrated so that you can see all the shades in the image below;

Screen calibration image

You must be able to see all this:
-- 20 sections of equal width and different tone
-- the darkest section must be pure black
-- the lightest section must be pure white
-- there must be no hint of colour anywhere along the grey spectrum
If you don't see 20 different tones, you may need to lower the contrast.
If black is not pure black, you need to either darken the monitor or adjust the black point.
If white is not pure white, you need to either lighten the monitor or adjust the white point.
If both black and white are not pure, try to boost the overall contrast or adjust both, the black and white points.
If there is a colour cast, try and adjust the colour balance. Some software allows you to do this separately for both ends of the grey spectrum

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