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.: 2007

Renee turned 13 in January. Here are the photos of her birthday.

Rob & Mieke Young  had some friends & ourselves out to their place for a BBQ as a farewell before we left Grafton. I've always like the view over their "back fence", so I bought my camera & took some photos. Here they are.

One of  my favorite places around Grafton, (apart from the beach), is Washpool National Park,  In mid March, we went up there for the day. Here are the photos.

In late March I moved to Canberra to take up a job at Toner Express in Fyshwick. I lived with my brother in his old unit in Dawes Street in Kingston. Betty & Renee moved down from Grafton  late July. Here are some photos I've taken around Canberra both before & after  Betty & Renee moved down.

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year & on the 21st of April we celebrated it at  Dormie house in the Moss Vale Golf Club  with friends & family including some members of their wedding party. My brother Stephen , my sister Peggy & I organised it, (mostly Peggy). The photos are here.

One of our good friends Dale turned 50 earlier this year. Ros, (his wife), planned a surprise birthday party for him & managed  to keep it a complete secret from him & the look on his face when he was bought into the room  where it was held was worth seeing.  The party was held on the 12th of May & the photos I took are here.

My parents spent the first 11 years of their marriage on a farm called Mirandale, which they owned in partnership with my maternal grandparents, Ted & Edna Nisbet & my Mum's sister, Milly Nisbet. Mirandale  is 34 miles  southwest of Hay, NSW. While they lived there Peggy, Stephen & I were born. We left Mirandale when I was 10 years old & Mum's cousin Pat & his wife bought the farm.

During May, Mum & Dad went to Hay visited Mirandale. Mirandale is now a part of a larger station along with Romani, (next door), which was owned once by Mum's Uncle Bert & his wife. The Mirandale homestead was unoccupied for a number of years & as a consequence is now quite run down. The older part of the house been demolished & a front verandah added. Its currently tenanted. The photos are here.

On the 13th of October we attended our nephew's wedding in Newcastle. The wedding was held at Caves beach in southern Newcastle with the reception at Noah's on the Beach. The pictures are here.

Betty's sister Mary & her husband Geoff moved from Gosford to Orange early in 2007. During the second half of October, Betty, Renee & I went to visit them for a weekend. We went  had a look from the top of Mount Canobolas, (which is the highest point between the Blue Mountains & Perth) & later in the afternoon we saw a very nice sunset due to the clouds which came up later in the afternoon. Of course, I took some pictures & they are here.

We went down to Wagga for the weekend of the 15th & 16th of December & stayed with some  old friends. The alleged purpose of the trip was to pick our son Jason up from uni for the Christmas break. On the way home on Sunday afternoon,  we saw some interesting clouds when we were about 20 minutes from Canberra. So we stopped the car & Betty & I took some photos. Heres some of them. (you can see Telstra tower in the background of some of them).

This Christmas was the first Christmas I've had to work over the  Christmas/New Year Period. So this year we went to my sister's place at Kiama for Christmas, then came back to Canberra until the weekend, (still managing to see the Canberra zoo in the process), then went to Betty's sister's place the following weekend where we caught up with Betty's dad & most of the nephew's & nieces on Betty's side of the family. The pictures are here!

2007 has been a big year for the Hockings. We moved down to Canberra from the NSW north coast, I started 2 new jobs, Betty started a new job & Renee started a new school. We've downsized from a large, 27 square 4 bedroom home on 1.5 acres to a small 3 bedroom unit.  Next year, (2008), should be a bit quieter!

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