Indonesia 2011

During 2011, Wayne Lyons, (Senior Pastor of High Street Church) & I went to Indonesia to visit with a missionary that our church has supported for many years.
Indonesia-2  Lunch, Norm, Renee & I Indonesia-3  Tea that night, Norm & I admiring the steamboats Indonesia-1  First day in Solo City, central Java, lunch, Norm & I Indonesia-4  looking down from the top floor, (where we ate), at the shopping complex Indonesia-5 Indonesia-7  Norm & Renee
Indonesia-6 Indonesia-21  Souvenir shopping Indonesia-18  Souvenir shopping Indonesia-10  Wayne & I at the shopping centre's A&W Cafe Indonesia-9 Indonesia-11  Desert, yum
Indonesia-12  Norm & I Indonesia-14  Our taxi that night Indonesia-15  Toilet with a built in bidet Indonesia-16  Instructions Indonesia-25  Supermarket Indonesia-17  One of the bathrooms
Indonesia-27  Renee having some of the local fruit for breakfast Indonesia-31  Interesting fruit, the skin feels & looks like snake skin Indonesia-32 Indonesia-33  There was lots of fruit available Indonesia-34  Norm & I having a relax Indonesia-35  Wayne's bedroom
Indonesia-38  looking from the library at the back of the house where we stayed Indonesia-36  entrance to the library Indonesia-37  In the library Indonesia-41 Indonesia-43  female accommodation Indonesia-44  Renee & friend
Indonesia-45  looking towards the married student's quarters Indonesia-48  The prayer rooms Indonesia-47  Wayne in one of the prayer rooms Indonesia-50  College student eating area Indonesia-51  Deputy principal's home, his wife runs a snack shop out of it Indonesia-52  snack shop food preparation area
Indonesia-55 Indonesia-53 Indonesia-58  Inside the chapel Indonesia-59  Chapel stage Indonesia-63  one of the college cats Indonesia-65  Model of Intheos College campus
Indonesia-69  Out the front of the admin block Indonesia-70  motorcyclists, look carefully at the back motorbike, it has 4 people on it. This was not uncommon! Indonesia-71  Beth-Shan orphanage Indonesia-72 Indonesia-73  Inside the orphange Indonesia-74
Indonesia-75  The youngest resident Indonesia-76 Indonesia-77  The kitchen area Indonesia-78 Indonesia-79  One of the bedrooms Indonesia-81  Talking to some of the kids
Indonesia-82  All the residents of the orphanage Indonesia-83 Indonesia-84 Indonesia-85  Ayub, the principal of Intheos college talking with some of the carers & kids Indonesia-86  Some of the older boys Indonesia-88
Indonesia-89  Norm & I standing in the doorway to catch the breeze Indonesia-90 Indonesia-91  Goodbye! Indonesia-94  The 2nd orphanage we visited, this one was better established & had better facilities. Many children are abandoned as their parents simply can't provide enough to keep them. Indonesia-95  Me shaking hands. We shook a lot of hands in Indonesia Indonesia-96
Indonesia-97  One of the bedrooms Indonesia-99  Three cute kids Indonesia-100  I had to pose in a photo with them Indonesia-102  Wayne plus 1 Indonesia-103  Wayne plus 4 Indonesia-105
Indonesia-106 Indonesia-108  Having tea with Norm in the director's loungeroom/office Indonesia-109  Pastor Ayub, the principal of Intheos Bible College & the director of the orphanage Indonesia-111  The 3rd orphanage we visited, this one has been established a long time & is run by the office adminsitrator of Intheos college. WE had tea there with the kids & staff. Indonesia-112  Desert Indonesia-113  Part of the 1st course
Indonesia-114  The kids, plus dad, just before they sung for us Indonesia-116  Singing grace Indonesia-117  Goodbye Indonesia-93  Praise & worship in the chapel Indonesia-118  Wayne preaching in the chapel Indonesia-119  Norm translating
Indonesia-122  Bananas Indonesia-123  The AOG church in Solo City that got bombed a few weeks before we visited. Indonesia-124 Indonesia-126  Breakfast. We were taken out for an Indonesian breakfast by the principal of Intheos college Indonesia-128 Indonesia-129
Indonesia-133  Part of breakfast Indonesia-135  One of the doors into the palace complex in Solo City Indonesia-136 Indonesia-138  Lunch Indonesia-139 Indonesia-140  On the way to the money changers
Indonesia-141  Going to Batik Keris, one of Indonesia's premier batik shops, I bought 2 shirts :) Indonesia-142  Pete, Norm & Renee Indonesia-143  a garuda Indonesia-144  Me with my 2 shirts, Norm & Renee Indonesia-146 Indonesia-147  one of the street food vendors
Indonesia-149  Going into Maccs to get a  cold  drink Indonesia-150  Part of the Solo City palace complex Indonesia-151  In the "bus", trying to take a picture Indonesia-152  Norm, the driver & a passenger Indonesia-153  Renee Indonesia-155
Indonesia-157  The village dog Indonesia-158  Just before the Saturday night youth meeting Indonesia-159  Praise & worship team at the start of the meeting Indonesia-160  About to start Indonesia-161 Indonesia-162
Indonesia-163  Tea after the meeting Indonesia-164 Indonesia-165 Indonesia-166  Leaving the youth meeting Indonesia-167  Wayne in one of his batik shirts Indonesia-168  A mock fireplace on the stage, the Holy Spirit
Indonesia-171  On the way to a village church Sunday morning Indonesia-173  Going into church, note me in one of my batik shirts :) Indonesia-175  prayer meeting at the front of the church before the service Indonesia-177  dead spirit tree next to the church because of prayer, miracles happen Indonesia-179  Praise & worship in the church Indonesia-180
Indonesia-181  The pastor of the church & her husband who pastors another church Indonesia-183 Indonesia-185  Sunday nights venue, before the service started. Tuhan means Lord. Indonesia-186  Me talking to the senior pastor before the service. He studied at Southern Cross Bible College in Australia and speaks english. Indonesia-187  A fruit like lychees, but with a big seed. Wayne became quite expert at peeling them Indonesia-188  Wayne demonstrating his peeling technique.
Indonesia-189  Tea Indonesia-190  Norm, the senior pastor, Renee & the senior pastor's wife in their loungeroom. Indonesia-192  Norm with some information about the church we're supporting. Indonesia-193 Indonesia-194  a bukchuk Indonesia-197  A street vendor
Indonesia-200  The 2nd premier batik shop we went to. Indonesia-203 Indonesia-240 Indonesia-243 Indonesia-204  A lady making batik by hand using wax to guide the dying Indonesia-242
Indonesia-241 Indonesia-246  Batik shirts galore, I think this was Wayne's favorite shop. Indonesia-248 Indonesia-247 Indonesia-249 Indonesia-252
Indonesia-253 Indonesia-254 Indonesia-258  A view from the top floor Indonesia-259  The top floor Indonesia-260 Indonesia-262
Indonesia-263 Indonesia-264  Wayne with one of the shop assistants in one of his new batik shirts Indonesia-266 Indonesia-205 Indonesia-206 Indonesia-207  Wayne & Renee in a bukchuk
Indonesia-208  The bukchuk with Norm & I in it. He earned the fare. Indonesia-210  Going past a school Indonesia-214  Norm & I in a bukchuk, we were too tall to use the canopy Indonesia-215 Indonesia-218  The relieved bukchuk driver Indonesia-219
Indonesia-220 Indonesia-221 Indonesia-222 Indonesia-223  Tea that night, Renee & Norm Indonesia-224 Indonesia-226  Norm enjoying a sarsparilla floater at A & W
Indonesia-227  A&W Indonesia-274 Indonesia-273  Intheos College stuident dining area Indonesia-275  The house where we stayed, I slept in a room on the top floor Indonesia-277  2 of the college students Indonesia-278
Indonesia-282  The front door to the admin office Indonesia-281 Indonesia-285  The front tof the chapel Indonesia-286 Indonesia-287 Indonesia-288  The admin block
Indonesia-289 Indonesia-290 Indonesia-294  Showing the pastor's residence, attached to the church. Indonesia-291  The church next to the college, started by the college but now independant of it. Indonesia-295 Indonesia-297  The lane leading past the church & the college
Indonesia-298 Indonesia-302 Indonesia-300  The entrance to the village next to the college Indonesia-301 Indonesia-305  one of the college cats Indonesia-304  Some of the college students playing shuttlecock
Indonesia-228  On the way to tea the Monday night before we left Solo. Indonesia-229  We took Intheos College's princiapal, (Ayub) & his wife out to tea the Monday night before we left Solo City. It turned out it was their wedding anniversary. Indonesia-230  I'm serious about my food! Indonesia-232  Leaving the restaurant Indonesia-306 Indonesia-308
Indonesia-234  47,000,000 rupiahs, ($5000.00 AUD), to put a roof on a church Indonesia-235 Indonesia-311  On the way from Pontianak to Singkawang, West Kalimantan, we stopped for lunch, they have some interesting drinks there. Indonesia-313 Indonesia-314  Lunch, myself & Norm Indonesia-315  Rudy
Indonesia-316 Indonesia-318 Indonesia-320  A house for sparrows to nest in. The sparrows nests are harvested where the saliva that the sparrows use to stick their nests together is extracted for birds nest soup. Indonesia-321 Indonesia-324 Indonesia-327
Indonesia-328 Indonesia-332  Entering Singkawang Indonesia-333  Tea that night being cooked Indonesia-334  Me waiting for tea to be served Indonesia-335  Norm waiting too Indonesia-336  Wayne, self portrait
Indonesia-337  checking my email Indonesia-338  Tea, chicken with rice, served on palm leaves Indonesia-340  local knockoff of KFC Indonesia-341  Out the front of the motel we stayed at in Singkawang Indonesia-342  Entrance to the motel Indonesia-343
Indonesia-347  Lunch Indonesia-348  Me eating lunch Indonesia-349  Norm, Pastor Matheus & Chris Indonesia-350  The cook Indonesia-351 Indonesia-352  Electronic noticeboard in Singkawang
Indonesia-353  Wayne in heaven, bannanas! Indonesia-345  On the way out of town to the church we're helping. Indonesia-346 Indonesia-354 Indonesia-355 Indonesia-357  New Roman Catholic church
Indonesia-358  One of Rudi's churches Indonesia-359 Indonesia-361 Indonesia-362  The house over road from the church & the vehicle we travelled in Indonesia-363  Inside the church Indonesia-364  Church noticeboard
Indonesia-365 Indonesia-449 Indonesia-451 Indonesia-452 Indonesia-454  Rud's mother in law, his 2 boys, his wife & him Indonesia-455
Indonesia-456 Indonesia-366 Indonesia-367 Indonesia-368 Indonesia-370  Wayne, self portrait Indonesia-371
Indonesia-372  Rudi's mother in law, me, Rudi, his wife & 2 yougest children, Norm & Wayne Indonesia-376 Indonesia-377  Local family Indonesia-380 Indonesia-383  Rice paddy, one of many Indonesia-388  On the way to another village
Indonesia-389 Indonesia-393  One of the bridges we crossed Indonesia-394 Indonesia-395 Indonesia-396 Indonesia-397  Didn't expect to find a pool table in the middle of rural west Kalimantan
Indonesia-398 Indonesia-401  Lunch? Indonesia-402 Indonesia-405 Indonesia-410 Indonesia-411  One of the christian familys in the area, most are animists
Indonesia-413 Indonesia-414  Raw rubber, harvested from rubber trees, waiting to go to the processing plant. Indonesia-416 Indonesia-421 Indonesia-424  Rudy, Pastor Timoteus on the motorbike, one of the elders, his wife & baby. Indonesia-444
Indonesia-446 Indonesia-448 Indonesia-458 Indonesia-462 Indonesia-425  The foundations of the church our church is helping to put a roof on. Indonesia-426
Indonesia-427 Indonesia-428 Indonesia-429  Me, Pastor Timoteus & Wayne Indonesia-457  Sunset from the site of the new church Indonesia-430 Indonesia-431  The building, (an old rubber factory), where the church currently meets
Indonesia-432  The kids with one of the leaders before the service started Indonesia-433  The church sign Indonesia-463 Indonesia-465 Indonesia-467  Wayne ready to preach Indonesia-435  The start of the meeting with all the kids out the front
Indonesia-436  Norm & I out the front to one side. Indonesia-437  Pastor Timoteus Indonesia-471 Indonesia-470 Indonesia-469 Indonesia-438
Indonesia-440  The presentation of our gift for the roof of the new church building, Norm, Wayne, Pastor Timoteus & elder. Indonesia-441 Indonesia-474 Indonesia-442  The presentation of our gift for the roof of the new church building,me, (Peter), Wayne, Pastor Timoteus & elder. Indonesia-468 Indonesia-472
Indonesia-475  Wayne preaching, Norm translating Indonesia-476 Indonesia-443 Indonesia-477  Our motel room in Singkawang Indonesia-478  sack of bannanas on hand Indonesia-545
Indonesia-479  local pet fish shop Indonesia-482 Indonesia-483  Going in to get lunch Indonesia-484  Norm & I Indonesia-485 Indonesia-486  Street vendor trying to sell us some food to take back to our motel
Indonesia-488  King prawns for lunch. Indonesia-538 Indonesia-489 Indonesia-490 Indonesia-491  Some of the food selections Indonesia-492
Indonesia-493 Indonesia-496  pink Indonesian Harley? Indonesia-498 Indonesia-540 Indonesia-541 Indonesia-543
Indonesia-557 Indonesia-544 Indonesia-558  Norm & Wayne Indonesia-559 Indonesia-560 Indonesia-562
Indonesia-499  Satellite dishes everywhere Indonesia-500 Indonesia-501 Indonesia-503  Me taking a photo of Wayne taking a photo of me :), note the mosque & chinese temple in the backgroud. Indonesia-550 Indonesia-552
Indonesia-553  Wayne taking a photo of me taking a photo of him taking a photo of me :) Indonesia-504 Indonesia-506  Singkawang mosque, we were woken up at 4.00 AM every morning by the calling of the muslim faithful to prayer. Indonesia-555 Indonesia-507 Indonesia-556
Indonesia-554 Indonesia-546  Today's lunch? Indonesia-547 Indonesia-548 Indonesia-508 Indonesia-509  Norm & Wayne
Indonesia-512  Police truck Indonesia-514  Village entrance Indonesia-515 Indonesia-516  Local computer repair shop Indonesia-517  Having a cold drink, green coconut milk I think Indonesia-519
Indonesia-521 Indonesia-522 Indonesia-523  Going out for tea that night Indonesia-528 Indonesia-530 Indonesia-531
Indonesia-532  Wayne & Norm relaxing at the cafe where we had desert Indonesia-535  Me Indonesia-536  desert, a concoction of shaved ice, condensed milk, topping etc Indonesia-564 Indonesia-537 Indonesia-573
Indonesia-566  Motel courtyard Indonesia-567 Indonesia-569 Indonesia-571  Hotel front door guardians Indonesia-572 Indonesia-575
Indonesia-576 Indonesia-577  Foundations for Bible School of Singkawang AOG church Indonesia-579 Indonesia-578  Singkawang AOG church Indonesia-590 Indonesia-588
Indonesia-595 Indonesia-589  Dilbert was here? Indonesia-593 Indonesia-581  Inside the church Indonesia-582 Indonesia-583
Indonesia-584 Indonesia-587 Indonesia-591  Wayne at home :) Indonesia-592 Indonesia-596  Roman horseman out side the front of our hotel, I'm not sure what the significance of it was. Indonesia-585
Indonesia-603 Indonesia-608  Wayne & Matheus Indonesia-602 Indonesia-606 Indonesia-614  Start of the Saturday night meeting Indonesia-597
Indonesia-598 Indonesia-616  Norm introducing us Indonesia-599 Indonesia-600 Indonesia-601 Indonesia-617  Norm translating, me preaching
Indonesia-618  Norm translating, me preaching Indonesia-619 Indonesia-620 Indonesia-621  Checking out my theology Indonesia-622 Indonesia-623
Indonesia-624  The aftermath Indonesia-654  Sunday morning I preached in a village church about an hour out of Singkawang, just before the meeting Indonesia-625 Indonesia-653 Indonesia-664 Indonesia-665
Indonesia-666  Rudi & a parishoner Indonesia-667  Kosma, (who interepreted for me) & Rudi Indonesia-655  Sunday night service, Wayne preaching Indonesia-656 Indonesia-668 Indonesia-669
Indonesia-670 Indonesia-673 Indonesia-675 Indonesia-677 Indonesia-674 Indonesia-657  Wayne, Kosma & I
Indonesia-658 Indonesia-659  Sunday night tea Indonesia-660  I don't think some of the locals had seen a white man up close before Indonesia-661 Indonesia-662 Indonesia-663
Indonesia-679  The breakfast restaurant at the motel we stayed at. Indonesia-680  Monday, on the way from Singkawang to Pontianak to catch the plane to Jakarta the following day Indonesia-681  At the service station filling up with petrol Indonesia-707  Solar powered means something else in Indonesia. Solar means diesel Indonesia-708 Indonesia-686  lunch on the way to Pontianak
Indonesia-687 Indonesia-688 Indonesia-690 Indonesia-691 Indonesia-682 Indonesia-683  Coming into Pontianak
Indonesia-684 Indonesia-685 Indonesia-692 Indonesia-694 Indonesia-695 Indonesia-697
Indonesia-696 Indonesia-700  We've arrived at the motel we're staying at in Pontianak Indonesia-709  We've arrived at Jakarta airport Indonesia-711 Indonesia-710 Indonesia-712
Indonesia-713 Indonesia-715 Indonesia-716  A & W, Jakarta airport Indonesia-717 Indonesia-718 Indonesia-721  Our room in the Jakarta Airport motel.
Indonesia-722 Indonesia-723  Arrow on the celing pointing towards Mecca Indonesia-724  Jakarta Airport Indonesia-733 Indonesia-734 Indonesia-740
Indonesia-743  Jakarta Airport Indonesia-744 Indonesia-745 Indonesia-746 Indonesia-747 Indonesia-748
Indonesia-749 Indonesia-750 Indonesia-751 Indonesia-719  Gamalean diaplay at Jakarta Airport Indonesia-754 Indonesia-756
Indonesia-752 Indonesia-758  Garuda in the Jakarta Airport Transit Motel Indonesia-759 Indonesia-764 Indonesia-760 Indonesia-761
Indonesia-763 Indonesia-725 Indonesia-726 Indonesia-727 Indonesia-728 Indonesia-729
Indonesia-732 Indonesia-765  View from the hallway near our room. Indonesia-767 Indonesia-770