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Photos from 2011

Here are the photos I took when we spent a few days after the New Years day weekend with my sister in Kiama. As well as Kristie, Heather & Jason came over as well. We had a look at the Blow Hole at Kiama, had a swim & we went up to the Minnamurra Rainforest.

Renee turned 17 yesterday & got her P's today! Some pictures of her birthday are here.

19th  February, 2011. Today was my father in law's 90th birthday. All the family came to Canberra plus my parents. We all went out to Cafe Injoy at Gold Creek for lunch  & then back to our place for dessert & tea. You can see the pictures here.

July 2011. Betty went to the USA for a conference  at Memphis. While she was there she got a look at St Louis & Chicago. Here are the pictures.

6th August, 2011. My sister Peggy married Ross Pollock at Christchurch, Kiama. A wonderful day blessed with beautiful weather.  You can see the photos here!

3rd October, 2011. October Long Weekend Monday, we went for a walk with my brother Stephen at Namadji National Park, it was a lovely day. You can see the photos here.

26th October 2011.  I flew with Pastor Wayne Lyons from our church to visit Indonesia for 2 weeks where we met up with a missionary our church has supported for many years. Initially we stayed at Intheos bible College in Solo City, Central Java, then flew into Pontianak, Kalimantan from where we drove to Singkawang, West Kalimantan where we visited a number of churches including one that our church had raised money for so that they could put a roof on their new church building. The photos are here.

9th November, 2011. Wayne & I flew from Jakarta to Singapore where we stayed for 3 days before returning to Australia. Here are the photos.

28th November, 2011. Last night we had our annual church Christmas Dinner. Here are the photos.

10th December, 2011. Our youngest child, Renee, graduated from College today. She's off to uni at the University of Canberra next year. Here are some photos of the Graduation ceremony held at the Australian National University.

31st December, 2011. Here are our photos for Christmas. They were taken over a couple of days. Christmas day was spent with my side of the family (plus Betty's Dad) here in Canberra & on the Friday afternoon, we met Betty's sister & her husband plus some of their family including our first great nephew as Betty's nephew Andrew & his wife Sam had their first child William in September.


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