Eleanor and Russell's wedding

On the 19th of October, 2014, we had the very great pleasure of attending & participating in Eleanor & Russell's wedding
Grandad Hocking waiting to commence the serviced Betty looking for the bride Mother of the bride
cousin of the bride The bridesmaid & father of the bride Here comes the beautiful bride The father of the bride
Russell saying his vows A good time was had by all saying their vows First kiss as Mr & Mrs
waiting to sign the register the beautiful bride the bouquet daughter & mother
Russell & Eleanor Stephen Russell, Stephen & Adrienne our minstrrel for the day
Chandler-Dady-29 Chandler-Dady-30 the official celebrant :) Chandler-Dady-33
father of the groom Chandler-Dady-38 Chandler-Dady-39 Eleanor & her mother in law
Chandler-Dady-43 Chandler-Dady-44 Chandler-Dady-49 Chandler-Dady-50
Chandler-Dady-53 Chandler-Dady-55 Chandler-Dady-60 the reception
Chandler-Dady-62 Grandad Russell making his speech Chandler-Dady-66
the best man's speech the official photographer Stephen making his father of the bride speech the father of the groom making his speech
Chandler-Dady-76 The wedding cake, it was delicious!