Christmas 2014

This year we had Christmas with Betty's side of the family in Orange
Pre Christmas gift from a co-worker, thanks Heather A gift from another co-worker from last Christmas. Still flourishing, thanks Anne The Christmas tree before the festivities began Christmas2014-006
Jason Dad Taylor Renee, Heather & Kristie Renee & Heather
Jason, Betty & Dad Christmas2014-013 Christmas2014-014 Betty May
Rebecca, filling in for Santa this Christmas morning Christmas2014-018 Christmas2014-019 Rebecca
Jeremy Christmas2014-023 Christmas2014-024 Christmas2014-025
Christmas2014-026 Jeremy, Renee, Heather & Kristie Geoffrey Christmas2014-029
Heather Renee Christmas2014-032 Christmas2014-033
Kristie Rebecca Geoff & Mary, our Favorite Martian, see Favorite Martian Mary, Jeremy, Renee, Heather, Kristie & Jason's feet
Jason, Betty & Dad Christmas2014-046 lining up for Christmas lunch Christmas2014-048
Christmas lunch with guests Christmas2014-051 Christmas2014-052 Christmas2014-053
Christmas2014-049 Christmas tea with a guest Christmas2014-057 Christmas2014-058
After Christmas tea games Christmas2014-060 Family snapshots, thanks Geoff Christmas2014-063
Christmas2014-064 Christmas2014-065 Christmas2014-066 Christmas2014-069
Betty, Heather & Jason Geoff Kristie Renee & Steve getting ready for gift giving on Boxing Day after Steve, Kiaraleigh & Charlotte arrive
Christmas2014-072 Christmas2014-074 William was filling in for Santa this time Christmas2014-076
Christmas2014-077 Christmas2014-078 Christmas2014-079 Christmas2014-080
Charlotte Christmas2014-084 Christmas2014-086 Kiaraleigh & Charlotte
Christmas2014-090 Christmas2014-091 Kristie Christmas2014-094
Christmas2014-095 Betty Betty Renee being rude to her Uncle Geoff
Christmas2014-100 Christmas2014-101 Christmas2014-103 Christmas2014-104
Sam & Jeremy Christmas2014-106 Christmas2014-107 Christmas2014-109
Heather & Sam Christmas2014-111 Christmas2014-112 Charlotte has discovered a new food
Christmas2014-114 Rebecca & Andrew Christmas2014-117 Kristie & me
Christmas2014-119 Christmas2014-120 Christmas2014-121 Christmas2014-122
Christmas2014-124 Christmas2014-125 Christmas2014-127 Charlotte & Steve
Christmas2014-133 Geoff doing some post Christmas bargain shopping The Baxter loungeroom pre cleanup Christmas2014-136
Renee & Charlotte Kiaraleigh & Charlotte William Rebecca & William
Kristie Steve modelling Charlotte's hat Christmas2014-146 Christmas2014-148
Christmas2014-149 Christmas2014-150 Christmas2014-152 Steve & Charlotte
Steve Charlotte & great Grandpa It's Christmas time, the reason for the season Christmas2014-159 Christmas2014-161
Christmas2014-162 Kristie & Charlotte Christmas2014-164 Kiaraleigh, Kristie & Charlotte playing
Christmas2014-167 Boxing day sunset Its Cleudo time with Sam & Heather Post Christmas cup of coffee after returning home.