Renee's 21st

Our youngest child has turned 21. Here are some photos taken from the family 21st held at her paternal grandparents place in Moss Vale. It was held in Moss Vale so that my Mum, (Renee's grandmother), could come, but sadly at the last moment she was unable to.
Renees21st-002  Uncle Geoff & Uncle Stephen waiting for it to start Renees21st-003  Betty get ready to light the sparkler candles Renees21st-004  Kristie Renees21st-005  Ross & Jeremy
Renees21st-006  The birthday girl! Renees21st-007  Auntie Mary, Jonathan & Jason playing quoits Renees21st-008  Uncle Geoff Renees21st-009  An unwelcome visitor
Renees21st-010 Renees21st-011  All hands on deck to light the "candles" Renees21st-012 Renees21st-013
Renees21st-014  Jason Renees21st-015 Renees21st-016  Getting ready for Happy Birthday Renees21st-018
Renees21st-020 Renees21st-022  Jonathan Renees21st-023 Renees21st-025  Andrew
Renees21st-026  William & Sandra Renees21st-027 Renees21st-029  Girl with a knife Renees21st-032