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Photos from 2018

18th February, 2018. Over the first two months of this year, Renee had a clinical placement at Bega Hospital. We went down to Tathra & spent a weekend  with her. Here are the photos.

2nd April, 2018. Betty & I climbed Mt  Painter, (near Aranda in Canberra). Here are some pictures of the views from the top.

27th April 2018. I had the privilege of officiating at the wedding of two friends, Chris & Georgia. You can see the photos here.

11th June, 2018. We climbed Mt Painter again, this time with Renee & Rebecca. The pictures for this time start here.

26th July, 2018. Yesterday I got back from Canada where I rode the Rocky Mountaineer & travelled from Vancouver to Calgary. Originally my Dad & I were going together, but he had to pull out at the last moment. You can see the photos here.

While I was away in Canada, Betty went up to Cairns with Renee & our niece Rebecca. Here are her photos!

Betty & I went up to Port Maquarie for a week during October for a short holiday & to attend the annual ACC state conference. Here are some photos we took at Port Macquarie & on the way home.

Last album for 2018. This year we spent Christmas in Orange. Here are the photos.


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