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The Hills of Canberra

Because of Canberra's location, it is surrounded by hills, (though people like to call them mountains) & it has  quite a few hills in it as well.

Betty & I have started doing a lot more walking, so as a consequence, we've started walking up them & I've taken some photos on the way. Below are links to the photo's I've taken from (&  sometimes on the way to), the summits of these hills. Enjoy!

On the 6th of April, we climbed Mount Ainslie, click here for the photos. You can see other photos taken from the top of Mt Ainslie here & here

We climbed Mount Painter twice during 2018. You can see the photos if you click here

20th April, 2019. We climbed Mount Majura, click here for the photos.

23rd April, 2019, we climbed Percival Hill, which is roughly a 6.5 kilometre round trip from our place. You can click here for the photos.

26th April, 2019. Still feeling energetic we climbed Mt Taylor is South Canberra. Here are the pictures.


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