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Photos from 2015
Our kids gave Betty 2 tickets to a cricket match at the SCG. So on the 6th of January, we went to the cricket. Here are the photos!

Renee has turned 21. Here are the photos of the party at her grandparents place!

1st April, 2015. Today our 3rd child Renee graduated from University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology. See the photos here.

Betty & I went away to Wagga & Orange over Easter & the week following, you can see the photos here.

Renee, Betty & I went away on holidays to Perth for 8 days, then went to Nelson Bay for 6 days with my Dad. You can see the photos here!

21st November, 2015. A group of men from our church went over for a day to Temora for the Temora Warbirds weekend. The Warbirds weekend is held at the Temora aerodrome & is run by the Temora Aviation Museum. Here the the museum's web site & here is the web site for the Warbirds weekends. You can see the photos I took here.

We had a quiet Christmas at home this year, here are the pictures!

Betty & I spent New Years Eve at my sisters place in Helensburgh. While we were there, we had a look at the Sea Cliff Bridge, (see  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Cliff_Bridge), which appears in some TV commercials, you can see our pictures here.


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